About Us

God Worshippers ministry is a family church meeting family needs. The central objective of the ministry is to build people of purpose, prayer, praise and prosperity.

Do you really want a change in your life this year? Come to Jesus in total surrender of yourself.
1. When you seek Him, you will find Him.
2. When you knock on His door, he will open to let you in.
3. Ask Him for your heart's desire, He will give it to you.

Meet The Minsters

Pastor Otasowie Osaigbovo is the General Overseer of God Worshippers Ministry. The Lord Jesus Christ has anointed and raised her as His prophetess to heal, teach, preach and evangelise impacting multitudes of lives from Europe, Africa, USA and other continents.  Pastor Otasowie is an anointed, humble, compassionate, transparent, practical and approachable leader. She is full of the Holy Spirit, a true daughter, servant and friend of the living God. Under her ministry, miracles are a daily experience. Peoples grow from strength to strength, spiritually, physically, financially, mentally, educationally and socially. Families' experience 'Open Heaven', God's promises and the joy of salvation becomes a reality.