This is a ministry of evangelism bringing men and women to their knees before God. The Sons of Love have a passion and a ministry of reconciliation. It is a ministry of Love. We actively take care of people, showing them love and engaging them in activities that will be of great benefit to them. We fellowship together, partake in outdoors games, barbecues and learn from seasoned speakers and also do learn a lot about different health issues, the list is endless. Join us for an experience of a lifetime.

The Women's ministry is involved actively in organising seminar/ conventions. They come together every month for a breakfast prayer meeting. They also organise counselling on issues. The last convention in August was awesome. It is better experienced than explained. Come your place is here.

The greater Tomorrow is a ministry that works with young men and women who have a passion to be a part of something great that will bring greatness today and tomorrow. This is a ministry for those God is calling into greater intimacy with Himte.

This is a ministry of children and youngsters below 15.It is a ministry of designing the way they should grow so that when they are of age they will not depart from it. We organise activities for the young ones where they are free to express themselves and we offer answers to questions that they always have. All the activities are geared towards getting the young ones expose to the right stuff. Crisis we have today with youths can be a thing of the past when we inculcate the right stuff in this younger generations, the leaders of tomorrow. It all start here.